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Intimacy and Heart Disease: Resuming Sexual IntimacyReanudaci³n de las relaciones sexuales

Intimacy and Heart Disease: Resuming Sexual Intimacy

Be patient. Give your partner and yourself time to rebuild intimacy.

When you both feel ready for sex, start slowly. Having sex with a partner you know well doesn't cause a heart attack. In fact, it takes only about as much energy as climbing two flights of stairs. Here are tips for resuming safe sexual intimacy.

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Helpful Hints

  • Start out slowly and give yourself time to feel ready. Try hugging, kissing, touching, or caressing at first. They help you both feel close and wanted.

  • Choose a quiet, relaxed place to be intimate. Keep the temperature in the room comfortable.

  • Choose a time when you both feel rested. Try when you wake up in the morning or after taking a nap.

  • Wait at least 1 hour after eating, taking a bath or shower, or exercising before you have sex.

  • If your doctor has prescribed medication to be taken before sex, take it as directed.

If You Have Problems

  • If you have angina (chest pain) during sex, stop and take nitroglycerin as prescribed by your doctor. If the angina goes away, you can resume sex.

  • If you have shortness of breath during sex, stop for a few minutes. If it doesn't go away, or if it comes back when you resume sex, call your doctor.

  • If you have trouble sleeping after sex, or you are very tired the next day, talk to your doctor.

  • If you can't become aroused, talk with your doctor. Erectile dysfunction is fairly common. In most cases, your doctor can prescribe medication to improve sexual function.

If You've Had Heart Surgery

If you've had heart surgery, ask your doctor when you can resume sex. Once it's okay, know that sex won't cause you injury. Healing most often takes 4-6 weeks. To prevent pain until you've healed:

  • Try new positions that put less strain on your chest.

  • Avoid twisting movements until your breastbone has healed.

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Patient Reviews

I was diagnosed with persistent AFIB several months ago. I found Dr. Norris by a referral from another physician. Dr. Norris scheduled me for a cardiac ablation without delay. He thoroughly explained the procedure, risks and benefits prior to the procedure. Dr. Norris and his staff exhibited exceptional professionalism and interest in resolving my AFIB. One month post-op I am rhythm and feel great. Thank you Dr. Norris and staff. I truly feel like I have my life back again.
-Ken Afienko

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