Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates Cardiac Electrophysiology

516 Lakeview Road, Villa 5,
Clearwater , FL 33756
(Two blocks south of
Morton Plant Hospital )
(727) 587-6999
Fax: (727) 259-7818

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Helping your doctor provide you the best care possible for your heart

John F. Norris, MD, works collaboratively with cardiologists, interventionalists, cardiac surgeons and other referring physicians – including primary-care doctors – consulting with them as needed and providing detailed updates.

Also, while electrical activity is an important part of your heart's function, it is only one aspect of your cardiac health. Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates can diagnose, monitor and treat heart abnormalities, including abnormal heart beat, and other cardiac-related illnesses that lead to congestive heart failure. At times, appropriate cardiac electrophysiology procedures can help our patients avoid major surgery, reverse the irregular heartbeat symptoms and even permanently stop irregular heartbeat causes. We do this with the help of a healthcare team that includes your referring doctor. A board-certified cardiac electrophysiologist, Dr. Norris will make sure that you get the best care for your entire heart if you're not already under a cardiologist's care.

Please don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a preferred appointment time with Dr. John Norris. Call (727) 587-6999 or use our online Request an Appointment form if you are a resident of Tampa, Clearwater or St. Petersburg (St Pete) in Pinellas County, FL.