Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates Cardiac Electrophysiology

516 Lakeview Road, Villa 5,
Clearwater , FL 33756
(Two blocks south of
Morton Plant Hospital )
(727) 587-6999
Fax: (727) 259-7818

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Subspecialized care for highly specialized heart concerns

Your heart's purpose and function is to pump blood to the rest of your body. As a pump, it contains chambers, valves and blood vessels. But it also has an electrical component. Electrical impulses tell the heart's muscle tissues when to squeeze. While cardiologists are heart specialists, subspecialized cardiologists known as electrophysiologists are specially trained, skilled and equipped to diagnose and treat disorders of the heart's electrical activities.

A tradition of innovation & advanced cardiac electrophysiology procedures

In addition to performing today's most advanced procedures, Dr. John Norris has introduced new heart therapies in this region of Florida, helping to advance the standard of care. He was the first physician in the area to implant a biventricular cardioverter-defibrillator to treat abnormal heart rhythms that could lead to heart failure. And he was the first to perform catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation, a complex technique offered by few area doctors. Catheter ablation procedures are minimally invasive procedures that do not require open-heart surgery. To learn more about atrial fibrillation, go to Stop Afib.

A team approach to ensuring the best quality & continuity of care

At Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates in Clearwater, Florida, we take a team approach to providing the most appropriate, effective care. You'll always see the same physician and won't be shuffled between different doctors. At the same time, Dr. Norris, our physician assistant and our registered nurse work collaboratively to ensure the highest standards – and continuity – of care. Another way we do this is with staff privileges at all three major regional hospitals:

    • Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater
    • Largo Medical Center, Largo & Indian Rocks

Personalized, compassionate & dedicated to your needs

Our goal as medical professionals is to help people get better... and sooner rather than later. This is why all of us – from Dr. Norris to our physician assistant and registered nurse to our staff – take an active role in your care. We provide personalized attention and a warm "bedside" manner, and we cater to your sensitivities, needs and comfort. But we think this is just part of why we score so well on patient-satisfaction surveys.

For assistance with any questions or concerns, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. John Norris, speak with one of our staff at (727) 587-6999. Or you can use our online Request an Appointment form. We encourage, honor and welcome your referrals from Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg (St Pete) in Pinellas County, FL.